Now Available on CD! Karen sings Ben Johnston's song cycle Parable- on Rumi  poems on the new 2014 Microfest release.
The Los Angeles Times writes: "Karen Clark brought a rich intensity to the [Rumi] stories...The performance was stunning."

American composer and music theorist Benjamin Boretz writes of Karen's recording of Robert Morris' "This Bubble of Heart" LISTEN
"Karen's voice speaking, crooning, ululating, tracing always unecstatic expressive parabolas seamlessly, unstrained, innocent wholly of cheap theater. You don't mistake her voice for Gary Snyder's voice; but his voice is all there, unmistakably composed-in within and above Bob's, [Robert Morris], Karen's, and the Galaxes', reflected, reconceived, recontemplated, understood." Pleasure Editions, 2014

Pulitzer and two-time Grammy Award winner Joseph Schwantner
"I was immediately drawn to the evocative and hauntingly beautiful voice of contralto Karen Clark."

New work on the Horizon:
Eight O's in Woolloomooroo, based on a poem by Mark Twain, which is being composed for Karen, by Berkeley composer David A. Jaffee who writes: "I first met Karen Clark when I was a Visiting Professor at Princeton University. There, as part of the Composer's Ensemble, she gave a stellar performance of my work, Number Man, for the ghost of J.S. Bach for four voices and oboe. I was floored by the flexibility of her voice and by her musicality."

On Cold Mountain: Songs on Poems of Gary Snyder LISTEN                                                                                                          Karen's recording with the Galax Quartet, On Cold Mountain: Songs on Poems of Gary Snyder is on the Innova label and available on Amazon. "Karen Clark's majestic, throaty singing hints of modernist extravagance and medieval troubadours."  San Francisco Chronicle


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